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How Snorelax Sleep Strips Work

Snoring is more than just noise 

The noise is annoying and stops you and your partner from getting the restful sleep you need. But, when you snore, a lot of other bad things are happening inside of you.

If you snore, it means you’re not getting enough air. When you sleep your muscles relax and your jaw drops back, obstructing your airway. The abnormal airflow causes turbulence and vibration which is heard as snoring.

If you are a snorer, your heart, brain and other vital organs are not getting the air they need. Snoring is our body’s siren indicating that something is terribly wrong; don’t ignore it!

Snorelax doesn’t just stop the sound of snoring, it solves the problem. Snorelax comfortably supports your jaw so you can breathe better and sleep in any position. They improve your sleep quality and enhance your next day's performance. Snorelax gently adheres to your skin and is beard friendly.



Let the MRI's speak for themselves


Our Technology

Snorelax utilizes a unique patent-pending technology to eliminate snoring. Years of research and testing went into the development of Snorelax. (Our team has tried dozens of other “snoring solutions” over the years, only to leave them under the sink collecting dust). The result of all of our work is a rigorously tested product that gives instant snoring relief.