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Yes! Snorelax works on all faces, with or without facial hair. We do not recommend using Snorelax if your facial hair is longer than 1 inch, but rest assured that our R&D is aggressively working on creating a version intended for long facial hair.

Definitely NOT. Snorelax adhesive is created with sensitive skin in mind, as not made with natural rubber latex. Snorelax adheres to the skin, comfortably, and keeps your jaw from dropping when your muscles relax. Your skin will not feel pull or tightening when wearing Snorelax. Our adhesive is intended for long term wear.

Snorelax comes in Black and Tan. Who knows, we might even be able to offer Snorelax in clear!

We do have a subscription program available. You can select this on the product page when adding to your cart. If you did not choose to subscribe, your payment method will not be charged again after your purchase.

We'd hate to see you cancel, but rest assured that you can easily pause, skip, or cancel your subscription anytime. We request all cancellations to be placed 72 hours or more prior to your next shipment.

Yes! Snorelax works on anyone.

Snorelax does not cure or treat Sleep Apnea. Snorelax improves breathing by preventing obstruction from your jaw dropping. Several users add Snorelax to their sleep regimen to compliment their Sleep Apnea and CPAP treatments. Please consult your physician for Sleep Apnea treatments.

Snorelax is made with 100% cotton, biodegradable, and not made with natural rubber latex. If you are sensitive to adhesives, we do not advise using Snorelax.

Snorelax can be kept in your nightstand, bathroom, or wherever you prefer. It is important that Snorelax is stored in a room temperature environment.