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We have lost too much sleep already...

by Andrew Fagin
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We have lost too much sleep already...

We have lost too much sleep already for us not to solve this problem once and for all.

"Here is a simple but true maxim about health: If you want to be well, you need to sleep well. The lack of one begets the absence of the other, where the latter – the image of the person who gets little, if any, restful sleep – is proof of the former; that the colleague with the bloodshot eyes and bedraggled appearance; the individual who is slow to awaken and sluggish in the wake of a new day; the worker who suffers from depression and relies on stimulants to make it through the day; the patient who seeks help for a problem that is as aggravating as it is annoying — that man or woman is one of 93 million Americans who is a chronic snorer..."  read more.

Snorelax is the snoring solution of 2018 we've all been waiting for.  Corporate Wellness Magazine has recently featured Snorelax as the best product to promote better sleep so you can be a better you.  

Read More at Corporate Wellness Magazine

by Andrew Fagin


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