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Snorelax launching on Kickstarter - CONFIRMED

Snorelax is becoming quickly known as the snoring solution of 2018.  It's no surprise, developed by 2 Medical Doctors with over 65+ years of combined experience on a quest to solve their personal sleep struggles.  From snoring, to waking up feel awful every morning, Snorelax aims to solve it all with one simple, comfortable and affordable solution.  

The patent-pending Snorelax Lift provides a comfortable and non-intrusive method to improve the way we breathe for a good nights deep, restful sleep.  Snoring is the result of our airways collapsing as the muscles relax during sleep. When we breathe through the narrowed airway, we create vibrations that are heard as snoring. Ever see someone sleeping with their mouth open?  That's the culprit of what we know as Snoring.

Snorelax is launching on Kickstarter February 7th, 2018.  Register to get early-access invitations for pricing as low as $15 for a month of Snorelax.


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