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Reclaim your sleep with the comfortable, non-intrusive, and natural sleep aid

amazing sleep, every night. guaranteed.

Non Invasive

Forget about sticking products in your nose, mouth, over your lips, or wrapped around your head.

Comfortable to wear

Sleep and comfort go hand-in-hand which is why Snorelax is designed with your comfort in-mind.

Zero maintenance

Simply apply Snorelax before bed and discard them when you wake up the next morning.

travel friendly

Snorelax is the ideal sleep companion when you travel. Use them on flights, trains...anywhere!

Sleep in any position

Whether you are a side, stomach, or back sleeper - Snorelax works and stays on you all night.

Beard Friendly

Whether you are sporting some stubble or a short beard - Snorelax stays on and won't tug or pull.

Non Intrusive

don't settle for less.

  • 100% cotton & Biodegradable

  • Comfortable to the touch

  • Patented Tri-Layer Design


Backed by science

Snorelax utilizes a unique patent-pending technology that improves the way we breathe during our sleep. Over 65 years of combined medical experience went into creating a revolutionary technology that works.

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